Make therapies tech-immersive

We are clinical and rigorous about our technology and therapeutic interventions, with AR the future is bright.



Inclusivity of the under-served

We aspire to be the pioneers of bringing this change where we can help accelerate development of cognitive and motor skills of these children.



Gamified learning is fun

We are optimistic about the future and the promise of change that gamification can bring to these children in education and therapy.

Our team

CEO & Co-Founder

Muhammad Waqas

An ardent pizza-lover and growth hacker, Waqas excels in Marketing, Advertising and turning startups into success. We love him the most when he brings souvenirs and little gifts for everyone. His “World’s Best Boss” Mug is stuck in delivery.
Regional Outreach Manager

Shahmir Quidwai

Every place has one celebrity and Shahmir is ours. An Alternative Rock singer from Islamabad, Shahmir works remotely with us and looks after the Punjab and KPK side of operations, we really hope he gives us free tickets to his concerts once he goes international.
Director Special Projects

Syed Muhammad Bilal

A multilingual history buff who excels in outreach and humor, Bilal looks after the special projects for WonderTree. Providing AI, AR, VR and mixed reality services to clients and bringing their products to virtual reality, Bilal heads the team that creates digital miracles.
AI Developer

Musab Hussain

A businessman at heart and an AI developer by profession, Musab enjoys the next challenge as much as beating his opponents at Table tennis. Developing the AI and algorithms, he is also the one sneakily watching Netflix all alone.
Game Developer

Shahros Rana

The youngest of the WonderTree crew, Sharos has many ghosts stories to share but what fascinates us is his photogenic personality and the command on his field. You want a game, you call Mr Sharos.
CTO & Co-Founder

Muhammad Usman

A crazy tech enthusiast and gamer with headphones glued to his ears; Usman heads the development team with his expertise in Machine Learning, AI and more. Also an environmentalist, hit him up if you have any solar energy related questions.
Game Designer

Adil Najeeb

An ardent coder and amazing footballer, Adil’s fingers move as efficiently on a Rubik’s Cube as on the keyboard while coding. We are waiting for him to invite us to one of his games, hope he stops hiding us from his cool friends.
Marketing & Communications Manager

Fariha Ayub Awan

With a love for books and music and an unhealthy obsession with social media, Fariha is found flaunting her twitter followers when not busy uploading Instagram stories from around the office and updating WonderTree’s achievements on LinkedIn.
Senior Game Developer

Saad Baig

An enthusiastic gamer, a reliable meme-tagger and a dedicated fan boy, Saad is a powerhouse that brings cool new game ideas and develops them with even more zeal. He also earns extra brownie points for curating the music playlist for the office.
QA Tester

Jason D’Souza

Jason is often found looking at the screen making hand gestures but not the rude kind. Our QA tester who finds the bugs and smashes them in a jiffy, Jason is our ghostbuster for all intends and purposes.
Creative Head

Maham Ismail

A creative individual with a love for games and all things cute, Maham’s expertise lies in deriving design solutions for UI/UX, Game Design and Branding. We are also sure she escaped from The Adventure Time series, but we are scared of asking her.
Senior Game Developer

Murtaza Raza

An enthusiastic coder and an even more enthusiastic FIFA fan! Murtaza’s our Superman for all things Unity, C# and Java. Like Superman, his only kryptonite is good humor. Sorry Murtaza, we have to warn people.
Director Strategy & Outreach Manager

Arsalan Azad

A focused strategist and knowledge buff, Arsalan always keeps us on our toes. His expertise lies in devising strategies, financial roadmaps and business proposals that one just can’t refuse!
Game Asset Designer

Sheema Maaz

Skincare guru and our inhouse fashion icon, Sheema brings to screen the concept of the games. You dream it, she would visualize it. Her aesthetics are all things colorful and a mug of steaming hot coffee.
Manager Finance & Operations

Ali Salim

The go-to guy for everyone at WonderTree who goes the extra mile by bringing his puppy “Simba” to work for everyone to play with. Running the office smoothly while managing the finances, Ali Bhai is a force to be reckoned with.

Our Alliances

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